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Traveling Dutchies originated from a pure passion for traveling and was founded by two enthusiastic globetrotters that together already have seen a large part of the world. Through our travel experiences we love to inspire, advise and most of all to motivate others to travel more or to bring that amazing travel sensation into their homes.

Who are we?

On our Dutch Travelblog ikwilmeerreizen.nl, we write articles about destinations, post helpful travel tips, review outdoor and travel gear and inspire our readers with lots of ‘travelhappiness’. This is the website where we started the giftshop in 2014. Within a year our shop has grown to a professional, international giftshop for travelers. Due to the positive reactions of our Dutch and Belgium followers we decided to expand the webshop to the rest of Europe. And here it is!


One could describe Mirjam as a true travel junkie who’s always full of ideas. She’s always on a quest to find the most amazing places in the world. She can be characterised as a non-stop doer/ worker, a knowledge absorber and an all-in-one creative mind. And please don’t tell anyone, but our trial-and-error queen is actually a semi-nerd and addicted to sushi.

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Annemarie gets very excited when she has or hears good ideas and always heads in any brainwave she comes across. As a solo traveler and adventure seeker she fell head over heels in love with South America, but has also flirted with various countries in Asia and Europe. At this moment she’s traveling around the world as a digital nomad. Being a mixture of kitchen princess, party idiot and crossfit girl makes her a unique item.

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  1. Norhayati Abdullah

    It was an honor to get to know both of them, so knowledgeable, very informative and very good at what you are doing.
    All the best in your future undertaking and hope to meet both of you again in Langkawi, Malaysia..
    Best regards,

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