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Backpack starter set

Are you planning to go backpacking for the very first time or going on a trip around the world? As we are travel enthusiasts, we can’t help but encourage you. To make things a little easier for (first-time) travelers, we put together a very nice backpack starter set (also suitable for those traveling with a suitcase, of course). We selected the quality products included in this set based on many years of our own backpack and travel experience. Before any product is added to the collection in our travel shop, we have already tested it (and all of its alternatives) for ourselves when traveling. We only sell the products we like best. We understand that purchasing the set might seem like quite an expense, but remember; you get what you pay for. The last thing you want to be dealing with when you travel is broken gear. Plus, most of the products come with a lifetime warranty. So you’re not buying this set for the upcoming trip alone, you’re buying it for a lifetime (of travel). When you buy this set, you also save €31,95 compared to buying the products separately. That’s always a bonus, right!?

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This starter set helps you to start stocking up on travel gear. We know the stress that comes with packing all too well. You only have a limited amount of weight and space available in your backpack or suitcase, so you need to make smart choices. The items in this set have been selected with care. We take space and weight into account and are happy to explain why you don’ t want to miss having these products as part of your travel equipment.

Contents backpack starter set

1x Packing cubes basic set light
1x Travel sheet with insect shield
1x Toiletry bag
1x First aid kit
1x Care Plus minis
1x Silicone travel bottles
1x Combination travel lock
1x Hamam towel XS

1x Nalgene water bottle
1x Carabiners
1x Dry Sack, 5 liters

1x Packable backpack
1x Cutlery set
1x Collapsible mug

1x Sleep Soft earplugs
* You can’t select a color preference for these products

Packing cubes basic set light

From now on, keeping your backpack tidy, clean and organized is easy. With the Eagle Creek packing cubes, you’ll be the most organized traveler around. You’ll also be able to take much more with you when you travel with packing cubes because everything is folded/rolled up and packed away systematically and neatly. The Eagle Creek packing cubes are lightweight and super strong: there’s a reason why they give a lifetime warranty on the cubes, including the zippers! The packing cubes basic set light contains 1 quarter cube, 2 half cubes, and a full cube. You can add individual cubes to this set (later) if you need more.

Travel sheet with insect shield

A not so clean hostel bed, a damp hammock full of sand, a dirty mattress during a homestay, slightly suspicious bedding on a night train or a room full of mosquitoes! When backpacking, you will always come across less than ideal sleeping arrangements. This lightweight and compact travel sheet with insect shield means you always have a set of your own clean sheets with you and you’re also protected against critters.

Toiletry bag

This Pack-It Specter On Board toiletry bag is ultra lightweight. Because it’s made of the same material as the super light packing cubes by Eagle Creek: water repellent silnylon ripstop. To make the toiletry bag sturdier, it has been lined with perforated EVA foam. There are several pockets inside to help organize your things, some with and some without a zipper. There’s enough space to hold all the toiletries you need during a (long) trip.

First aid kit

Accidents happen when you travel. That’s why we always travel with this basic first aid kit. It has the necessary equipment for small injuries. The First Aid Kit Basic by Care Plus is suitable for one or two persons, contains 30 items and only weighs 150 grams. The contents have been optimally selected to deal with most common minor injuries.

Care plus minis

This set of Care Plus bestsellers in mini travel bottles includes an anti-insect spray, after bite spray, sunscreen and after sun spray in a convenient transparent travel bag. The minis are easy to take along in your handbag or daypack on a long trip, so you always have something within easy reach. The set meets the carry-on liquids allowance criteria; each bottle only has a 15 ml capacity. And each bottle lets you spray no less than 100 times!

Silicone travel bottles

Thanks to these handy silicone bottles by Eagle Creek, you’ll never have to carry large bottles of shampoo, shower gel or jars of cream when you travel, which in turn saves space! The bottles are very efficient; the supple, squeezable material allows you to get every last drop of liquid out of the bottle. They are also easy to clean a well as leakproof. They’re suitable for your carry-on too.

Combination travel lock

Never lose your keys again with this convenient combination travel lock. Always have a lock handy for a safe in your hostel. The lock is also TSA certified. This means you can lock it without inhibiting customs when they check your baggage. They can unlock and lock these locks without damaging your lock, bag or suitcase. This little friend is an absolute must for every backpacking trip or any other kind of trip! From locking the safe in your hostel to securing your baggage on a bus or plane.

Hamam towel XS

This soft and lovely hamam towel isn’t just super compact to pack it also absorbs moisture really well, feels lovely and dries quickly. This makes it the perfect replacement for your regular towel or fiber towel. The hamam towel XS set contains 2 towels sized 50 x 100 cm.

Nalgene water bottle

It’s important to drink plenty of water, especially when you’re traveling and it’s hot! By filling your own water bottle (there are often filtered water tanks with at your accommodation), you can reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles a little. The Nalgene water bottle is perfect for use during outdoor activities, on the road or when exercising. The bottle has a wide mouth allowing you to not only fill it with water but also ice cubes, yogurt, fruit and other things. You can also use it as a hot water bottle during camping trips in the cold or as a measuring cup. The water bottles are BPA free and therefore free of harmful substances, they don’t retain odor or taste, are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The Nalgene water bottles are also lightweight and indestructible; you can even run over them with a car! This water bottle lasts a lifetime. Tip: do you like drinking fruit shakes from street stalls? Have them pour it into your Nalgene bottle to reduce the use of disposable plastic cups. Every cup counts!


These useful aluminum carabiners are small and light enough to be no extra burden, but large enough to be multi-purpose. Quickly hang up your wet swimsuit, attach a mug to your bag or keep something together; these useful hooks always come in handy.

Dry sack, 5 liter

The Blocker dry sack by SealLine is the ultimate lightweight dry sack for storing your clothes and other things to keep them dry inside your bags, tent or in any other damp environment. Such as during tropical rainstorms, when camping, on boat trips or in other situations where your things run the risk of getting wet. Works very well as extra protection in your backpack, but it can also be used separately. The dry sack is also perfect for use on the beach, for example.

Packable backpack

The packable backpack by Eagle Creek always comes in handy when traveling. Whether you’re on a city trip or spending the day hiking during a long-distance trip, this packable backpack allows you to always have a daypack handy without having to bring a separate backpack. It packs away compactly into its own front compartment and hardly takes up any space in your luggage when you don’t need it. The backpack has a side pocket where you can store a water bottle that’s easy to reach without opening the backpack. This packable backpack also has a handy front compartment. The backpack’s shoulder straps are comfortable to wear, made from breathable mesh material and adjustable. The backpack’s zippers can be secured safely by attaching them to the metal ring at the top of the backpack or with a lock, which is also included in the backpack starter set.

Ultralight cutlery set

This GSI outdoors cutlery set for travel use is simply the finest lightweight travel cutlery out there. The cutlery set is compact, lightweight and good quality. You won’t even notice you’re using a plastic knife! The cutlery set is perfect for outdoor activities, having a quick bite to eat in your hotel room, or for use in countries where chopsticks are the norm. The cutlery set contains a spoon, fork, and knife that are kept together by a handy ring that you can clip open/shut easily. You can just stick it in your pocket and your backpack will always have some space left for this convenient cutlery set.

Collapsible mug

A mug always comes in handy when you’re traveling. For coffee, tea, water or a nice mixed drink on the beach, whatever you use it for, there are always those moments when you need a mug. But if you want to save space, a ‘real’ mug can be a little inconvenient. This collapsible mug by Sea to Summit solves this problem! You can also use it as a bowl, for things like yogurt or noodle soup.

Sleep soft earplugs

The Alpine earplugs are simply the best you can get. Period. Because they’re so soft, they’re really comfortable to wear in your ear and won’t bother you, not even during a long flight or night. The Sleep Soft earplugs ensure you have a good night’s sleep in hostels, trains, buses or other noisy sleeping places.

Add to your backpack starter set

Depending on the type of traveler, your destinations, and personal preferences, you can add items to your starter set. You can find an extensive collection in our travel shop and we give some recommendations here:
Black Diamond headlamp – Great for night hikes or other situations in the dark where you want to have your hands free. When there’s a power outage for example, and you need a light in the toilet or in your bathroom.
Inflatable neck pillow – The most comfortable, inflatable neck pillow around!
Collapsible coffee filter – Brew a cup of coffee in no time at all. For those who could do without all that instant coffee when traveling.
eCube – Keep all of your electronics organized in the most efficient way possible.
Shoe storage bag – Store your shoes without getting the rest of your baggage dirty or wet.
Hamam towel – Perfect, as a large travel towel, beach towel or blanket.
Compact travel hammock – This travel hammock is so compact and lightweight that it can always be added to your baggage.
Transparent liquids bag – Get through customs fast and avoid ever having leaking bottles in your bags again.
Compression cubes – Perfect for bulky clothing such as thick sweaters and a coat.
Extra packing cubes – For when you’re carrying a little extra clothing when traveling long-term for example or going somewhere where climate conditions fluctuate.

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