Bucketlist scratch map.Bucketlist scratch map.Bucketlist RewritableBucketlist RewritableBucketlist Rewritable

Bucket list world map posters

 22,50 25,00 incl. 21% VAT

With these very cool bucket list posters you can easily plan your trips, or show where you’ve been. And you’ll discover new places all over the world: a bucket list and world map combined. The perfect gift for every (world) traveler.

It’s available in two versions:

  • The scratch map, to scratch away where you’ve already been.
  • The rewritable map, for writing and drawing with a whiteboard marker and simply erasing afterwards.

Dimensions: 97,5 cm x 56 cm. You can hang the bucket list world map on your wall using poster strips or poster tape, for example.


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