Hamamdoek XS blauw withamamdoek xsHammadoek XS roze -witHamamdoek roze XShamamdoek-XS-grijshamamdoek-XS-uitgelicht

Set of 2 hamam towels XS

 17,95 incl. 21% VAT

The hamam towel XS is perfect for traveling. It’s not just soft, comfortable and very compact; it also absorbs moisture really well, feels very pleasant to the touch and dries extremely fast. This makes it the perfect replacement for a normal towel or the quick-dry micro-fiber towel.

The hamam towel XS is made from high quality materials by the brand Zus & Zomer. Because it’s hand woven on traditional looms in small Turkish workshops, it feels really soft and flexible. This makes it stand apart from other, cheaper hamam towels and gives it the higher absorption levels. It looks great, even after washing! The hamam towel is lightweight and packs away easily, making it perfect for traveling.


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