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Eagle Creek packing cubes

The Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter packing cubes are one of our absolute favorite travel gear items. Not only do they keep your backpack or suitcase really organized, they can save you lots of space if you pack them correctly. Also available as compression cubes.

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The Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter packing cubes are one of our absolute favorite travel gear items. Not only do they keep your backpack or suitcase really organized, they can save you lots of space if you pack them correctly. Also available as compression cubes.


You can easily line up the packing cubes in the bottom section of your backpack, for example. When you zip open this section, all you have to do is grab a cube and simply replace it after use, without unpacking the rest of your backpack. The latter is what makes the Eagle Creek Pack-it cubes our absolute favorite travel companion. We compared the cubes to the alternative choice: vacuum bags. The cubes came out as winners, because you don’t have to unpack your entire bag to get just one piece of clothing or a towel, as you do with the vacuum bags.


Because the Pack-it Specter cubes are ultra-light and the material of the cubes hardly takes up any space, you are left with more space for the things you actually want to pack. Even if you don’t use (all of) a cube, it won’t waste any extra space, because of the thin material.


For optimal use of the cubes, it’s recommended to fully pack them. You should also fold your clothing in such a way that you can stack it. This allows you to fit most items of clothing in a cube and keep an overview of what’s in the cube. Choose one type of clothing for each cube; one Pack-It cube for shorts, one for shirts and one for warm clothes, for example. By purchasing cubes in different colors, you won’t need to open all the cubes to see what’s inside. Always use the same color for a certain type of clothing; green for shorts and white for shirts, for example.


Because women’s clothing usually takes up less space than men’s, but women generally pack more clothing, the type and number of cubes needed varies. Of course, it will vary from person to person, but based on our own experience we recommend the following:

Women: 1 full cube, 3 half cubes and 2 quarter cubes (if you’re packing lots of clothing for a long trip, we recommend taking one extra half cube).
Men: 2 full cubes, 2 half cubes en 1 quarter cube.

Obviously, the number of cubes you take also depends on the purpose and duration of your trip. If you’re going to colder areas, you’ll take lots of warm clothing and need full cubes. If you’re traveling to warm areas, half cubes are more convenient, especially for women, because tank tops and shorts don’t take up much space.


To give you an idea of what fits into the Pack-it Specter cubes, we give the example below. This is merely an indication, because it depends completely on the size of your clothes. For example, a hoodie will take up more space than a thin sweater. It’ll take a bit of measuring, but the cube fits a lot more than you would expect at first!

full cube: 2 sweaters, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of long sports pants or sweatpants, 1 thin jacket or 8 men’s t-shirts
half cube: 10 singlets or 6 shorts or 6 dresses or 6 t-shirts (ladies) / 4 t-shirts (men)
quarter cube: ideal for underwear, bikini’s and/ or socks

    Details Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Packing Cubes

    • Material: 30D Silnylon Ripstop
    • Size, capacity, weight full cube: 36 x 25 x 8 cm/ 10,5 liter/ 27 gram
    • Size, capacity, weight half cube: 25.5 x 18 x 8 cm/ 5 liter/ 18 gram
    • Size, capacity, weight quarter cube: 19 x 11 x 6 cm/ 1,2 liter/ 16 gram

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